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Performance Management for EBITDA Growth: Breaking Down Silos and Linking People to Business Goals

What's better than just having a great team? Having a great team that's actually working towards the same goal as you. That's why performance management is crucial to drive EBITDA growth and increase profitability. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to performance management often lead to blame casting and a focus on individual performance, rather than team performance and business goals. So, let's explore ways to improve performance management and link people's goals to business goals around consumer value and profitability.

Linking People to Business Goals:

Performance management isn't just about measuring individual performance but linking people's goals to business goals. When individual goals align with business objectives, organizations can focus on creating value for consumers and driving profitability. This requires a clear understanding of the brand and consumer needs, as well as effective communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Breaking Down Silos:

In a siloed organization, each department is focused on its own goals and objectives, rather than the overarching business goals. This can lead to a lack of alignment, communication breakdowns, and missed opportunities for growth. Instead, performance management should encourage collaboration and cross-functional teamwork. By working together towards a shared purpose, employees can break down silos and unlock new opportunities for growth. This requires a culture of open communication, curiosity, and a willingness to learn from others. So, break down those silos and let's work together!

Encouraging Curiosity:

Performance management should encourage curiosity and a growth mindset. Instead of casting blame, individuals and teams should ask what's changed and how they can do things differently in the future. By focusing on continuous improvement and learning, organizations can foster a culture of innovation and agility, leading to better business outcomes. So, let's stop playing the blame game and start playing the curiosity game!

Measuring What Matters:

Effective performance management requires measuring what matters. This means developing key performance indicators (KPIs) that are linked to business goals and reflect the value provided to consumers. By focusing on KPIs that drive EBITDA growth and profitability, organizations can prioritize activities and resources that have the greatest impact on the bottom line. So, let's get our KPIs straight and start measuring what matters!

Improving performance management is essential to driving EBITDA growth and increasing profitability. By linking people's goals to business goals, encouraging curiosity and a growth mindset, and measuring what matters, organizations can create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. At GO Advisors, we're passionate about helping our clients optimize performance management to drive business growth and success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization achieve its goals. Remember, it's all about teamwork, curiosity, and measuring what matters!


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