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Scoping for Success: A Roadmap for Growth and Innovation

Are you tired of hitting roadblocks and struggling to keep up with the competition? Want to drive growth and profitability within your organization? Look no further - it's time to scope a program and gain stakeholder alignment.

  1. Mandate for Change: Partner with a business that is motivated to make a change, facing growth challenges or struggling with profitability. Find a compelling reason to do things differently in the future - because change only happens when there's a true need for change.

  2. Reason to Believe: Analyze the category, competition, and consideration set. Find a couple of items that show promise and build a story that engages and energizes stakeholders.

  3. Scope for Success: Ensure the program has the necessary resources, capacity, funding, and expertise. Define the scope, including what's in and out, degrees of freedom, and deliverables. Align stakeholders and make sure it's feasible.

  4. Rule of the Road: Set clear goals for the program, both standard and stretch. Ensure everyone involved has aligned goals and understands their role. Communicate progress and highlight wins to keep momentum going.

  5. Visible Championship and Progress: Make the program a clear priority for the business, with leadership visibly supportive. Communicate the program's importance, and ensure leadership is involved and visibly supportive on an ongoing basis.

Scoping a program and gaining stakeholder alignment is crucial for driving growth and profitability. By following these steps, you'll have the resources, support, and alignment needed to make real change and achieve your goals. So what are you waiting for? Partner with GO Advisors today! Our experts will help you scope your program, gain stakeholder alignment, and achieve your goals. Don't let roadblocks hold you back any longer. Contact us now to learn more and get started


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