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The client was facing steep challenges with declining sales and increasing ingredient costs. One of their main products had been in market for more than 30 years. They had refreshed it along the line extensions and minor product renovations. These refreshes added costs and complexity each time the products were touched. The new competitors were growing fast and the team didn't know how to reclaim their market leadership.

We worked along side their innovation team to jump start their innovation and right size cost of goods. Developed a combined program of training, coaching and facilitating to quickly develop skills and shift mindsets and build organizational buy-in. We prioritized consumer benefits and engaged in tough conversations ground in facts about closely held beliefs on product attributes and specifications. The team learned that through total organization understanding of the end-to-end 

RESULTS: Their teams are bringing Growth Optimization thinking to other aspects of their business reaping the rewards of increasing consumer value, improving competitive value propositions and reducing costs.

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